Pietro Fittipaldi scored a well deserved sixth place, his best result of the season, at today’s Formula V8 3.5 race at Silverstone.

Speaking after the race, Fittipaldi was pleased, but also relieved, to have had a trouble-free race and to have delivered a strong result.

“Yeah, finally! We’ve had some other races where we probably would have finished top five or top four, even a podium at Spa; we’ve had some issues in those races but finally able to get a decent result and the podium for the rookie win so I’m really happy about that.”

Elaborating on the result, he explained: “The start was not the best, but it wasn’t bad either. I didn’t pass anyone, but I also didn’t get passed; it was like an average start. Then I was fighting with Panis and Orudzhev went off on one of the corners and I was just able to overtake him, and able bring home the sixth place. It was good, but more to come tomorrow.”

I asked Pietro if he thought fifth was possible today, and he explained that passing Panis was tricky, even with DRS.

“You have eight clicks of DRS and usually, you gain about seven-tenths per lap. I was saving it towards the end of the race and I think that because they [the cars in front] were fighting close to each other, they started using DRS and then opened up probably a second and a half to me in two laps.

“When I used my DRS in the last two laps, which were my quickest laps, by the chequered flag I was eight or nine tenths away from Panis. Maybe if I had risked a bit more and used DRS earlier and put pressure on Panis; maybe something could have happened, but I wouldn’t have had DRS to pass him.”

Pietro’s sixth place today moves him ahead of Beitske Visser and into 12th place in the championship.

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