The change of the lead happened very early into the second hour. Luca di Grassi had a run in with one of the SMP Racing LMP2 cars which forced the Audi to go wide. This opened the window up for Mark Webber, on board the #1 Porsche, to take the lead from the #8, going down the outside. The rest of the hour became a battle between the #8 and #1 as the #8 closed down the gap to the #1 towards the end of the hour to induce an on-track battle. Along the rest of the LMP1 field, the #5 Toyota was forced into the garage with a hybrid issue. The source of the issue was unknown but Toyota suspected they would need to change a part. As the hour came to a close the #5 was still in the garage.

#43 RGR Sport’s slow pit stop was due to a very busy pit lane in the full course yellow period, meaning the team could not get to the car. The Mexican team have been fighting hard to reel back in the lead through the second hour of racing. As the hour came to an end #43 had closed right in on #26 and passed for the lead. But #26 G-Drive went for the apex the #43 was currently on, spinning the #43 around. The incident has lost the #43 around 30 seconds to the leader which makes all of the work they had completed in the second hour is back to square one. #26 has only received a black and white warning flag for the incident.

The #31 ESM LMP2 car also stumbled into some issues as the #6 LMP1 Toyota forced it into the barrier as it overtook. The Toyota was handed a drive through penalty as the #31 pitted to check for any damage. Luckily it came away unscathed. The Manor #44 took to the garage for a water pressure issue. Losing about ten minutes in the garage, the car returned to the track but was hit with a drive through penalty for a pit lane infringement – fuelling the car whilst the engine was still on.

The only real change in the LMGTE Pro standings was that the Ford #67 got ahead of the #77 Porsche. The #51 AF Corse has also been warned for abusing track limits more than once and are suspected to get a penalty for it. In LMGTE Am the day got worse for the #98 Aston Martin. It was squeezed off the track at Turn 12 by the #66 Ford Pro car and went head first into the tyre barrier. It managed to limp back to the pits but it looked like a lot of damage had been done to the front of the car. The #66 was handed a stop/go penalty for the incident. The #88 Porsche has lead the class for most of the hour and leads going into hour three.


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