Mercedes is set to make an entry into Formula E in two years time, ready for the fifth season of the ever-growing electric racing series.

Joining a long line of other high profile manufacturers including Audi, Renault, Citroen and Jaguar, Mercedes have agreed to an option for Formula E in 2018. Season five will also be the first year in which a single car will be used for the whole race, rather than the swap we currently see due to the battery restrictions.

Ten teams currently compete in Formula E, which will be expanded to twelve in 2018 along with the expected number of races and exposure.

Talking about the option, Mercedes’ Toto Wolff said, “Electrification will play a major role in the future of the automotive industry. This will make Formula E very relevant in the future.”

Mercedes are thinking long term on electrification of cars,  using Formula E as a launch pad to further develop technology useful in road cars. Arch rivals Renault have had a head start, and are current champions in Formula E, but many major manufacturers are already knocking at the door.

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