The finalists during the current year’s McLaren Autosport BRDC Award have been declared with a trio of BRDC British Formula 3 drivers. Title runner-up Ricky Collard will be joined by Toby Sowery, who finished third in British F3, while Lando Norris, who scored four wins in the season, is likewise selected, guaranteeing that the UK’s chief single-seater classification gives three of the four drivers in dispute for the honor.

It will be both Collard and Sowery’s second appearance in the competition, after both were selected in 2015. Norris has been chosen interestingly notwithstanding and the trio will be joined by British F4 runner-up Sennan Fielding, with the quantity of finalists for the honor having been lessened from six to four during the current year.

The quartet will embrace various wellness and test system tests with McLaren before taking to the circuit at Silverstone in Formula Two, DTM Mercedes and McLaren GT3 hardware for two days of on-track assessment.

The victor will be declared at the Autosport Awards on December 4 2016. They will win a paid test role for 2017 with McLaren, and additionally the chance to get in the driver’s seat of a McLaren Grand Prix car. The victor will likewise get full British Racing Drivers’ Club participation and an Arai GP-6 RC carbon crash protective helmet.

Ricky Collard said: “You kind of hope, but you don’t expect it! Last year the fastest thing I had driven was the MSA Formula car, and this year I’ve been really lucky with the BMW junior role and done a couple of GT races, and tested an F3 car. I want to hit hard in the McLaren and the Mercedes, I struggled quite a bit last year. One of the big goals was to win the championship but the other was to make the Award. I’ve seen the changes and it’s going to be something special.”

Toby Sowery commented: “Happy days! It was a goal throughout the year but there are a lot of good drivers out there doing a good job. To be in the Award shootout in the first place is an achievement but every driver will push thesmelves to try and win. I can’t sit back and think I know the cars from last year, I’ve got to be ready to learn on my feet. Every driver searches for that break, it will be that much more satisfying when I get it and I hope this is a step towards that.”

Lando Norris added: “The aim was to win both championships and to be honest it went better than expected. Last year I wasn’t eligible for the Award and it was something I wanted to do. Driving the DTM and GT and F2, I’ve never done anything like that before. The whole experience is pretty cool, just being a part of it. When you look at the history of people who have won it, most of them have gone on to do so much more right at the top, in F1 or the DTM for example, and that’s my aim.”

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